The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book outlines hearing impairments, speech loss, vision disorders, and vertigo as special conditions that may require partial or full time beneficiary support. A well-drafted claim will typically incorporate a description of your condition as well as information about your work experience. The support of a Social Security disability attorney in Denver, Colorado may help improve your odds of acceptance on a first application or appeal. Here is an overview of the major conditions which fall into this category:

Hearing Impairments

To demonstrate the degree to which you are hearing impaired, the Social Security Administration will require the results of various tests. The testing may include standard hearing tests (listening for tones), air conduction, bone conduction, and even word recognition tests. Work experience and the longevity of the condition may also impact your claim. In some cases, an individual’s hearing impairment may only qualify them for partial benefits.

Speech Loss

Being unable to speak, due to neurological or physical impairment, may be a serious hindrance to your ability to work full time. Some of the conditions which may be considered are dysarthria, dysprosody, articulation or phonemic disorders, muteness, stuttering, and aphasia. The Social Security Administration may take into consideration the severity of your condition, the effectiveness of treatment options, your age, and education level or work experience.

Vision Disorders

Those who are already considered legally blind in both eyes are likely to qualify for disability benefits. When one eye is more impaired than the other, the Social Security Administration will consider the better of your eyes, request testing, and assess you based on the possibility of correction. Conditions like glaucoma and optic neuropathy, which affect your field of vision, have unique assessments that must be met, possibly with one or more field tests.


If you’re working with a social security disability attorney in Denver, Colorado, your lawyer will help you establish evidence of your condition. The objective will be to show the length of time you’ve lived with vertigo, the severity of the symptoms, and how frequently they overtake your ability to function. 

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