As the largest organ in the human body, there is an entire category in the Social Security Blue Book which addresses skin conditions. Many conditions affecting the skin can inhibit a person and make holding a fulltime job impossible. It’s not uncommon for a person living with a serious skin condition to win disability benefits after providing evidence for their claim. Our Denver disability attorney can help you sort through the paperwork and position yourself for success when your case goes to court.

Bullous Diseases

Those living with a form of Bullous Disease, known for elevated, fluid-filled blisters, must provide medical evidence that proves the extent of their symptoms. To qualify for disability, an applicant will need to show that they have had skin lesions over extensive parts of their body for three or more months.


‘Dermatitis’ refers to a large group of skin conditions which cause inflammation. Common forms include contact dermatitis (caused by an irritating allergen) and atopic dermatitis (eczema). When applying for Social Security disability, you must be able to provide medical evidence of at least three months of symptoms.

Severe Burns

In order to qualify for disability benefits as a burn victim, you must have skin lesions which have lasted (or are expected to last) for at least one full year. The burns will be assessed based on the severity of the injury as well as the placement, and whether it impacts the applicant’s ability to work. 

Photosensitivity Disorders

Those born with xeroderma pigmentosum qualify for benefits from birth. Other photosensitivity conditions are assessed based on the prevalence of lesions and how long they are expected to last. Applicants with significant lesions, who will be unable to function for a year or more outside of a protective environment, are likely to qualify for disability benefits.


There are many different subtypes of Ichthyosis, with significant differences from type to type. Each condition in this category of disorders causes dry, thickened, scaly, and flaky skin. To be found eligible for disability benefits, a person’s lesions must have lasted for at least three months across extensive areas of their body.

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