For many people living with a severe respiratory condition, taking good care of your health may make working full time impossible. Respiratory conditions are the basis for many claims for Social Security Disability in Denver. As with any claim, claims made based on respiratory conditions will be evaluated by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Factors such as how long you’ve had the condition, how long it is expected to last, and the potential improvement with treatment. During your claims process, it’s important to keep up with any prescribed treatments. Here are some examples of common conditions whose symptoms may qualify you for benefits.

Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency (CPI)

Depending on the severity of your condition, an inability to take in the right amount of oxygen and/or expel an adequate amount of carbon dioxide may qualify you for disability benefits. Among other details, the SSA will take your height, weight, and breathing capacity into consideration when assessing your condition. The SSA may review blood work, breathing tests, and other medical documentation regarding your condition to determine your eligibility.


While many people live and work with mild to moderate asthma, those struggling with severe asthma may need disability benefits. The SSA will assess your condition using the methods described for CPI (above). If you are currently experiencing asthma attacks requiring medical intervention once every two months, or six or more times per year, you may automatically qualify.

Cystic Fibrosis

When seeking benefits for this disability, a claimant may need to have at least six recorded episodes of pneumonia, bronchitis, or hemoptysis per year. If you have persistent pulmonary infections, or experience infections severe enough to necessitate intravenous treatments or a nebulizer, you may also qualify for benefits.

Lung Transplants and Other Respiratory Conditions

Individuals who undergo a lung transplant are automatically deemed disabled for the year after surgery, with follow-up assessments after the year. There are many other conditions that may qualify you for benefits, including severe allergies, emphysema, pneumonia, and sarcoidosis. Many people live with multiple conditions that do not individually qualify them for benefits, but amount to eligibility when presented together. If the symptoms of another respiratory illness make working nearly impossible, if not impossible, you should not feel discouraged from filing a claim. 

Social Security Disability in Denver

If you are struggling to maintain employment because of your respiratory illness, you may be entitled to benefits. Our attorney offers free case evaluations for prospective clients seeking Social Security Disability in Denver. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.