There are many different kinds of blood-related illnesses which can qualify a person for disability benefits. The specific criteria for qualifying for benefits with a hematological disorder is laid out in Section 7 of the SSA’s Blue Book. As with all other qualifying disorders, you must be able to provide sufficient medical evidence of your symptoms in order to be approved for benefits. 

If your condition or symptoms are not listed in the Blue Book, you may still be able to qualify by equaling a similar listing. Our Social Security disability attorney in Denver can help you determine your best approach. The conditions covered in the Blue book include (but are not limited to):

Chronic and Aplastic Anemia

Those looking to qualify for Social Security disability benefits for chronic anemia must provide evidence that they require blood transfusions every other month. Aplastic anemia that results from transplantation can qualify a person for a year’s worth of disability benefits. The recovery progress made by transplant recipients is re-evaluated by SSA after the first year to determine benefits.

Coagulation Defects and Hemophilia

Hemophilia, a condition that reduces a person’s blood from coagulating, and other, similar disorders are assessed based on the number of transfusions the applicant has had within a certain timeframe. To qualify for benefits for hemophilia, a person would have to show that they have experienced three spontaneous bleeding episodes within the past five months that necessitated a transfusion.

Chronic Granulocytopenia

Chronic Granulocytopenia is a condition where a low concentration of specialized cells results in a person being less able to fight off infections. To meet the threshold for disability benefits, an applicant with this condition needs to show test results which confirm that their neutrophil count is consistently under 1,000 cells per cubic mm. The applicant must also be able to show medical evidence of three or more bacterial infections in the past five months.

Chronic Thrombocytopenia

Those living with Chronic Thrombocytopenia have a consistently low platelet count over a period of time. Like hemophilia, this condition can prevent a person from clotting efficiently and are at risk of having severe bleeding episodes. To qualify, your platelet count must be under 40,000 per cubic mm consistently. You must also show intracranial bleeding within the last year or spontaneous bleeding serious enough to require a transfusion in the past five months.

Social Security Disability Attorney – Denver

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