The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book features a section dedicated to digestive conditions. As with any application, you will need to meet or equal the requirements detailed in this section in order to be approved for benefits. An SSI attorney in Denver can help you collect the medical information necessary to prove your condition to the SSA.

Though all Social Security disability applicants can strengthen their case for benefits by complying with treatment, it may be especially important for those living with a digestive system illness. Evidence that you are doing everything you can to treat your condition will help prove that you qualify. You must also be able to prove that your condition will last for at least a year or for the duration of your life.

The Sub-Categories found in the SSA Blue Book

There are many different conditions related to the digestive system that can qualify a person for disability benefits. The basic requirements are as follows:

Chronic Liver Disease (CLD)

You will need to provide x-rays or endoscopy records as part of your medical evidence. The SSA will also look to confirm that your CLD resulted in hospitalization and a blood transfusion of at least two units. You may also be eligible if treatment has included shunts, if your condition is terminal, or if you can prove that your mental health has been substantially impacted. 

Gastrointestinal Hemorrhaging

Those who qualify under this listing must have had a minimum of three blood transfusions of two or more units over a period of six months. These transfusions must have taken place at least 30 days apart.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

There are several forms of medical documentation that the SSA will accept for review: an endoscopy, medical imaging, or a biopsy. You must be able to provide documentation for two instances of hospitalization in a six-month period (dated 60 days apart).

Liver Transplants

Anyone who receives a liver transplant is considered fully disabled by the SSA for the entire year following their operation. At the one year mark, your disability will become subject to regular reviews.

Weight Loss from Digestive Disorders

Those applying for benefits for this condition must be able to show evidence of a current Body Mass Index (BMI) of 17.50 and below. You must also be currently receiving treatment and fully complying.

Short Bowel System

Those who have had more than half of their small intestine removed may be eligible for benefits with the SSA. Applicants must also be dependent on daily parenteral nutrition.

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If your condition or symptoms do not meet these requirements precisely, you may still be eligible by applying under an equivalent listing. Compiling all necessary information for a strong application or appeal can be taxing on anyone, especially a person living with a debilitating digestive system condition. Our SSI attorney in Denver may be able to assist you through the process. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.